Foundations About the MIA


MIA’s mission is to act as a space where artistic expressions of Inuit, both past and present, spark immersive experiences for visitors.


MIA will be Canada’s leading centre for exhibition, education, and research of art by Inuit that is widely supported both locally and throughout Inuit Nunagnat as essential to the cultural landscape of Canada. Visitors will develop a lasting interest in the museum’s collections due to its innovative programs and exhibitions that challenge assumptions to encourage transformative experiences.


MIA is exclusively devoted to collecting and exhibiting historic and contemporary art by Inuit within Canada for its diverse publics.



MIA has a commitment to ethically acquire, conserve, and represent art made by Inuit. We remain accountable towards the artists we represent and the public we serve.


MIA understands that there are many barriers to access at all levels of museum service; however, MIA acknowledges that all people have a fundamental right to enjoy the museum’s services. Access is defined as something that is facilitated when physical, cultural, social, financial, intellectual, psychological, and emotional barriers are removed or reduced.


MIA is committed to social justice in the elimination of organizational structures and actions that oppress, exclude, limit, or discriminate on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, financial ability, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or age. The MIA also creates an open interpretive environment to stimulate conversation amongst its diverse visitors.


We support creativity amongst our staff and artists, and encourage exploration and questioning that promote understanding by our visitors. We embrace the integration of technology and new media within the cultural community.


We support building and sustaining relationships amongst the diverse communities, publics, and partners that we serve throughout the museum’s operations in order to better pursue our mission. Collaboration will help visitors see the institution as a community-driven place that is interested in their active involvement.

Museum Policies