Grade 10: Native Studies Explore the MIA


Our one-hour guided program combines a museum visit through our permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as a hands-on component where students are able to touch and explore art making materials used by Inuit artists. Students in grade 10 Native Studies will closely examine the historical and contemporary relationships between Inuit, Qallunaat and the federal government, as well as the ongoing challenges that Inuit face in the context of reclaiming sovereignty and moving towards reconciliation.

The museum tour will show students a wide range of art produced by Inuit and their ancestors, the Thule. Inuit art is made out of a variety of materials in many different forms and MIA displays this range: from sculptures to prints, from various historical periods, and from across many of Canada’s Inuit communities.

Students will learn about the variety of art produced by the Inuit and the varied indigenous and non-indigenous materials used in its production. Particular reference is made to the process used to create these objects. Students will have the opportunity to discuss the specific elements and principles of design incorporated into pieces of the collection and the cultural context of the works.

The hands-on session will allow students the opportunity to touch and explore some of the indigenous materials used in Inuit art making in order to illustrate the impact of environmental factors on the art, as well as develop an appreciation for the process of producing art objects.

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