Regular Programming Visiting the MIA

Public tours for October 2014Visitors following a MIA docent during a tour of the collection.

Wednesdays at 1 PM & 2 PM
Saturdays at 4 PM

Sundays at 1 PM

Please note that public tours are given by volunteer docents. In the event of volunteer unavailability, MIA staff cannot guarantee that a tour will take place.

If you are bringing a group to the MIA, please book a tour to guarantee a docent will be available to show you the museum!

Follow Your Art

Each work of art has a style, or a group of visual characteristics. Take the ‘Follow Your Art’ quiz to find out what styles appeal to you. Then look for these style icons on each object label to follow your style throughout our space or explore artwork outside your comfort zone. More…Follow Your Art icons (1)

Getting ready for Halloween with some animal mask art activities.Art Days: Unleash Your Creativity

This month at the art table we are creating animal masks to get in the spirit of Halloween!

Fridays 12-4PM
Sundays 12-4PM