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UNIKKAAQTUAT: Inuit Creation Stories

Learn the stories that inspired the artwork! MIA’s new family-friendly exhibition, Unikkaaqtuat: Inuit Creation Stories, uses sculptures, drawings and prints to illustrate traditional Inuit myths. With the help from books available through Inhabit Media – an Inuit-owned publishing company – stories about popular themes and images in Inuit art, like the Sea Goddess, and Mother and Child imagery, will be brought to life with the MIA’s collection.
Thursday July 9th

Boldly Baker Lake: Barnabus Arnasungaaq

Drawing on recent acquisitions, old favourites, and generous loans from private collectors, this exhibit will explore one of Qamani’tuaq’s (Baker Lake’s) most recognizable artists, Barnabus Arnasungaaq, and the way he contributed to the region’s unique monumental yet minimal style that brings the natural forms of the hard local stone to life.
Sunday March 1st